2022 Dedicated Pledge for the Art Show

The Bucks County Chapter's 2022 Dedicated Pledge for the Art Show will be
Breast Cancer Research at Fox Chase Cancer Center

Dr. Bleicher is currently studying the effect on outcomes when there is a delay
between the diagnosis, identification of the tumor’s stage, and the actual surgery. No one
has determined what is too long of a time lapse. When there is a delay, has the cancer
advanced to the next stage? Should the treatment protocol change? The goal of this study
hopes to identify the optimal time allowed between diagnosis and treatment to establish a
new guidelines and thereby improve patient outcomes. This could be practice changing.
This research is data analysis, reviewing a dataset of national deidentified records of
approximately 1.2 Million patients

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Thank you to our Dedicated Pledge Donors


David and Sandy Marshall in Honor of Denise Marshall

Brent Alderfer

Daniel, Benjamin and Tali Natan in Honor of Denise Marshall
Kim and Jeff LaGueux in Memory of Barbara Grigg Moses

Denise Marshall in Honor of Dr. Allison Aggon
Lisa Broad in Memory of Jim Peruto

Lizanne Bernlohr

Mary and Wayne Lamson
Holly and Michael Monihan
Theresa and John Jaworski
DHH Construction Inc, Dianne Hekierski in Memory of Caroline J. Dwyer
Eleanor and John Parker
Margaret Sansone
Jayne and Joseph Vespa
Karen and Albert Porreca
Katherine and Carl Bastian
Palma and Michael Crooks
Timothy and Mary Alley
Joan Allen
Barbara Meredith in Memory of Barbara Moses
J.L. Johnston
Amy Wolf in Memory of Cindy Lobel and Helen Booth

Your Choice Donation
Carolyn Kozakowski in Memory of Marlene Azeff
Patricia Danielson in Memory of Barbara Moses

In Kind Donation
Doylestown Historical Society
Debbie and Leo Sniger



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