Roopa Speedy

Roopa Speedy

Artist - Scientist - Writer - Poet

It is not the medium but it is the mind that creates...

I “reproduce reality” into memorable moment as I see it.

I am a scientist/artist and I believe:

  • Science enables art: birth of photography 
  • Art decorates products of science: reveal the beauty of nature


I am a scientist with a doctorate in molecular biotechnology and medical research. My knowledge in science helps me appreciate nature and the creative process of nature. I try to replicate feelings associated with sights in a medium that is acceptable to my mind.
The "Single Mind" I carry with me always wonders about "what if" and at that moment my art work happens. Usually the process starts from a query I have in mind and some times it starts from a commission and takes its multiple stages of creation.

I’m drawn to visual entertainments performed by nature. Something that is powerful in all senses but not of my creation wants me to create that moment as it registers in my mind. I love to play with the ever-changing rich colours. I am a passionate environmentalist and my paintings explore the beauty of the environment and our connectedness to it. My recent travels to North America took me along the Pennsylvania gardens and blue ridge mountains of Virginia and North Carolina has inspired me to create a new series. My current series of oil paintings “Paradise found Paradise lost”, references life from our earth interwoven with birds, insects, flowers and fruits in glorious colours that may be lost if we do not care for it.

I work with various mediums including Water, Oil and Lacquer. The subject and the emotions associated with the project will decides the medium of choice. I have exhibited and sold in Rome (Italy), Hanoi (Vietnam) and in USA. I have worked on many commissions in Italy and Vietnam. I am yet to decide on galleries to exhibit as I recently moved from Italy/UK to USA.

In the words of Joseph Mallard William Turner, “I did not paint to be understood. I wished to show what such scene was like”.

My thoughts, “Artistic expression is neither bound by confirmation bias nor cognitive bias — just a moment of reality”. You will find my work also at:


Spring 2020 Closer Look 1
Spring 2020 Closer Look 2
Spring 2020 Damsel Dance
Spring 2020 Popping out
Spring 2020 Shadow of a Mask 1
Spring 2020 Shadow of a Mask 2
Summer 2020 Closer Look 3
Summer 2020 Closer Look 4
Summer 2020 Poke Blue
Summer 2020 Shadow of Mask 3
Summer 2020 When it Rains
Summer 2020 Shadow of Mask 4


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