Rebecca Hodges

Rebecca Hodges

Sandy is a Signature Member of the prestigious Pastel Society of America and the Pastel Society of Maryland.  It is an honor to be able to use the initials PSA behind her name as Signature Member of the Pastel Society of America. She has won national, regional and local awards.  Has also won a Bronze medal in a national art show, and her work has been accepted into international art competitions. 

 Her work has also been featured and published in several national art magazines, such as "The Pastel Journal,' and "Southwest Art Magazine," as well as others.  Also, her work has been featured and published in several art books..."Artists Homes and Studios," "Artists of the Mid-Atlantic,"  "Best of America-Pastel Artists,"  "Best of Worldwide Landscape Artists," and in 2008  the "Bucks County Town & Country Living," magazine. 

 Sandy relishes moments spent taking walks through nature. Through her art, she invites viewers to come along on those forays of serenity and peace through "the serene greens of summer, the sweet blossoms of spring, the gold and rusts of autumn, and even the blue and purplish grays of winter."

 Sandy sees the natural environment as an inexhaustible source of inspiration.  Just gazing at a tree with its serpentine twists and turns is an exciting moment that can stir her soul, she says.  She believes that her love of the land may stem from being born in the country.  As a young child she adored walking through the woods and in the mountains surrounding her home.  

 She still remembers with fondness the rippling streams, brooks and creeks she saw along the way.  It was the beginning of a deep appreciation for the landscape and its' many moods, colors, and sounds,  especially for the Serenity and Tranquility of nature.

 "My forever challenge is to interpret and offer the impression of what stirs my soul, so that, I hope, it will stir the viewer's soul with a feeling of serenity and peace.   I want the viewer to be moved by my work. Each day I strive to learn and understand more so as to do a better painting than yesterday. I am grateful for this gift from God...and it is my gift to share with others."

 Sandy's work is represented by "Exhibit B Gallery" in Souderton, Pa and the Hardcastle Gallery in Centreville, Delaware. To see more of Sandy's work please check out her website at


Raffle: (A) A Peaceful Day
Raffle: (B) Floral Bouquet
Raffle: (C) Flower Arrangement
Raffle: (D) Into the Garden
A Day of Calm
Autumn at Prasville Mill
Blue Flowers Tyler Park
Bucks County Barn
Cows in Pasture
Iris Along the Pond
On the Delaware River
Pocono Wilds
Wildflowers in Bucks County
Winter Wilderness


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