Nanette Kardaszeski

Nanette Kardaszeski

In my 30 + years as a photographer, I have said goodbye to film & newspapers and welcomed the digital age. I have had the privilege of photographing everything from youth football to the World Series, small town politics to visits from world leaders, the best in people and the worst in people, everyday life to the quirkiest of quirkiest happenings and everything in between. It has been a life's assignment on a local stage that has opened my eyes and heart to all the world has to offer. 

As my editorial photographic chapter came to an end, I found myself diving headfirst into starting a fine art photography studio for people and their animal companions, fatdogfoto, which had been inspired by my volunteer work at a local animal shelter. I never consider my photographic education complete as it has always taught me new ways of seeing. The studio setting gave me a renewed thirst for honing my craft in a different capacity.  No longer was I an objective witness but rather the director of my subject's personality. My animal friends also gave me an extensive lesson in patience. 

Always have I enjoyed exploring the natural world around me wherever I may be.  So quite naturally, photography has been an avenue of discovery.  Exploring new and faraway places or rediscovery of the familiar in my own backyard has always brought me great joy. To express that joy visually is something that nourishes my soul.  It has taught me to slow down, stop, look, see and feel. This chapter of discovery which this website is about has brought me full circle on my photographic journey as I explore to create but with a broader technological understanding but the same wide eyed childlike discovery of the world around me.

Quite simply, photography has been and is my life. It is all I ever wanted to do.



Cattle in the Mist, photography
Edge of Twilight, photography
ElvesTranquility, photography
Graceful Resurgence, photography
Hollow Serenity, photography
Passageway, photography
River Crest, photography
Superior Rock, photography
Torch Ginger, photography
Tranquility, photography


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