Jud Sharp

Jud Sharp

Jud Sharp has been exploring fantasy and surrealism all his life. He was raised in southeastern
Pennsylvania and spent a few years in the early 70’s in California, returning to Pa. for the next four
decades. Jud currently lives in Delaware.
He majored in art at Gettysburg College, but after two wonderful drawing classes and a collection of
less-satisfying classes, he left college and wandered off in his own direction, blending surrealism with
children’s art, abstraction and cartoon elements. He worked in detailed watercolors for many years.
About 25 years ago he embarked in a semi-successful, yet short lived mural career, completing nearly 60
murals in the following years. Along the way, he continued exploring his own complex images. He
returned fully to his own work after about five years, turning first to oils and now currently to acrylics.
He had a one man show in 2017 at Settlement Music School in Germantown, connected to the Allen’s
Lane Art Center.
Over the years, he has also written a number of unpublished children’s books and recently published an
illustrated book of imaginative, narrative poems. That book, “The Shadows We Share”, is currently
available on Amazon and will soon be available for bookstores.

Cartoon Mandala
Ezekiel at Midnight
Ezekiel in Daylight.
In The Wake of The Wheel
Portal in a Cartoon World
Sines of the Future
The Wave
Tree At THe Edge of Eden
Whalescape on Planetoon


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