Derek Foster

Derek Foster

Creating Art from Old, Worn and Forgotten Piano and Organ Parts

As a piano technician, I have a window into the inner workings of pianos, seeing parts most others have never seen. The beauty and potential artistry of these aspects inspired me to give old and worn parts-- often destined for the trash--a new life as art. It all starts with the frame! Searching out classy vintage and antique frames found at auctions, yard sales and online is rewarding in its own right.

All of the instruments I use for my pieces are antiques, usually from the 1800's or early 1900's. My love and admiration of all things old comes largely from my time as an auctioneer. Though unsaleable, I often tend to keep some of these relics around, not having the heart to send them to the piano graveyard. Occasionally I'll dismantle these old keyboards and put the pieces aside, possibly not finding a home for them for years. From time to time, one of those pieces I've put aside will call to me to be included in my latest creation as an essential finishing touch.

Every so often I run into someone, who I later discover has a connection to a person who passed along a piano to me years--or even decades ago. It's satisfying to show them art I've made from, say, their great grandmother's old piano, which takes them back in time to a happy memory from their past.

My keyboard creations are truly unique and all are one of a kind, lovingly designed and built with the dignity and respect deserved of those old instruments and the hands that first made them. Please enjoy them.


Decorated Kruspe French Horn Bell Branch (Efurt, Germany)
Created from a Mason-Hamlin Pump Organ and Steinway Grand Piano Antique Gessoed Frame
Created from Three different Pianos Oak Victorian Frame
Created from a Mason-Hamlin Pump Organ and Weber Piano Antique Gessoed Frame
Created from a Mason-Hamlin Pump Organ 1860's Oak Victorian Frame
Bellows Springs from a Mason-Hamlin Pump Organ Mounted in a River Rock
Decorated German Full Sized Violin 1890's
Decorated Half Sized Violin
Decorated Yamaha FG 440 Acoustic Guitar
Bellows Springs from a Mason-Hamlin Melodian mounted in restored River Rock


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